Our American History Timeline – Heritage Preserved in Creative Stories

Lets today look at American History Timeline:

600 B.C.
An epic story tells of a historical American prophet named Nephi. Having fled persecution in Jerusalem, he and his awesome family lay out on a journey toward the sea. Before he sailed on the New World, Nephi needed to risk his life time for Jerusalem to procure the writings of Jewish prophets. This record, engraved on brass plates, as soon as the custom of that time period, included a medical history of the kings with the reign of Zedekiah.

At an essential point of his mission, when an evil man threatened his life, Nephi wondered why obtaining this record seemed dependent on life and death. He then remembered that this Lord had told him when he and his people would obey God’s commandments, they’d prosper in the strange new land, faraway from Jerusalem. He remarked that they can not keep those commandments once they were up to now outside the land of their origin, if they had no record of these commandments.

When Nephi returned using the records, he rejoiced as he could preserve the commandments from the Lord unto his children. It was like having letters at home-not from Jerusalem, but from a loving Father, of their heavenly home. In those sacred historical records, the prophets wrote the commandments of God. Nephi’s children needed not lose their way inside their long and difficult earthly sojourn, so faraway from their Heavenly Father, who sent them to earth so they can grow in character and faith. So it is with all of who browse the words of God. Just as letters from your own home bring us memories of love and reminders to choose what’s right, the commandments of God are similar to signs over the road of life-they keep us out of the danger zones.

In this data were found the writings of Jewish prophets such as Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and numerous others. Many of these prophets known as and bore witness of the epic story with the creation from the world, and also of Adam and Eve, “who were our first parents.” (1 Nephi 5:11)
Mulek, who was simply usually the one surviving son of King Zedekiah, fled to the American continents about the same time as Nephi and his people. The difference was that Mulek brought no record of God’s commandments with him.

130 B.C.
When the descendants of Mulek were discovered in America by Nephi’s people 470 years later, their language had become corrupted, since they had brought no records with these, plus they “denied the being of their Creator.” (Omni 1:17)

The epic stories in our past shall no longer be taught within the schools. Holy scriptures are banned in the schools, even for literary study, or as being a source of historical records. For decades school teachers have “denied the being of these Creator.” Since the Creator could be the Giver with the Ten Commandments where our civilization survives, our rising generation is left without knowledge of these Commandments which bring them safety and peace. They have no letters from your home to guide them through this mortal maze. Young adults are losing their means by these turbulent times.
What will be done? We can still the scriptures inside our homes. Parents can instruct the fantastic epic stories inside home, restoring their children for their sacred roots and anchoring them inside safe harbor of God’s commandments.

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